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Text Scanner OCR
Text Scanner OCR
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developerPeace inc.
operating systemAndroid
updateIt depends on the device.
main functionImage text extraction function. Best accuracy and speed as an Android text scanner. Recognized text and URL can be saved and shared by phone, copy to clipboard, send email, Google Drive, etc.

Editor’s review

The OCR function is a function that extracts text from an image, and there are many OCR programs. Excellent performance can be evaluated according to ‘how fast it recognizes’ and ‘how accurately it extracts text’. In this evaluation criteria, Text Scanner must have good performance. When taking notes written on a blackboard or by hand at school, the cumbersome task of writing a script with a keyboard can be easily solved with this app.


Text Scanner OCR
Text Scanner OCR
text camera shooting
text camera shooting
High Performance OCR
High Performance OCR

Key features and usage

In the case of ‘Text Scanner OCR’ made by Peace, the speed of converting images to text is fast and the quality is good. Text can be extracted regardless of the texture of the paper, and more than 50 languages ​​are supported. In-app payment exists, and currently only the Android version exists.

How to install the program

You can download the Android version by accessing Google Play through the developer’s website. Depending on the device, the installed capacity and version update date are different.

function usage

Its main feature is image text extraction. You can use it by taking an image or by importing it from an album. As an Android text scanner, it doesn’t take much time as it offers the highest accuracy and speed. Also, as an add-on, you can save and share recognized texts and URLs by phone, copy to clipboard, send email, Google Drive, etc.


OCR meaning

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) refers to the process of reading handwritten or printed characters with an image scanner and converting them into characters.

OCR character recognition principle

OCR technology is an optical character recognition technology that reads light into text. It is the principle of converting a reflected light beam into an electrical signal by shining it on a printed material such as a book, magazine, or newspaper. By distinguishing the text from the background of the image, it finds rules and recognizes characters.

Can I convert it to text without a character extractor?

Yes, there is a way using Google Drive. If you link to Google Docs after uploading an image, the image and text are saved as one document at the same time.

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