How to extract images without a text-to-text converter

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There are times when you want to extract text from an image. How are you doing? In general, various OCR apps exist. It is a technology that reads the contents of an image and turns it into text. Since the image extractor comes out quite well, it is sometimes extracted with OCR right after shooting on mobile. But let’s look at what to do if you want to extract only text from a PDF file or image you have on the desktop. I use Google Driver Document Conversion. You don’t have to run it again on your mobile device, and it’s easy because it’s not difficult.


      Prepare an image to extract text from

      Prepare text image file

      Prepare an image file with text

      Shown above is an image captured from a text file. If you can import this file as text, you’re saying that you can implement OCR functionality, right? If you have a mobile phone or need information about the app, take a look at ‘Text Scanner OCR’.


      Uploading images to Google Drive

      Google Drive OCR Upload

      access google drive

      Google Drive will help you with OCR. Go to Google Drive and choose where you want to upload your files. Any folder is fine.

      Upload an image

      Upload imaged text

      Drag and drop the image file to a visible location to upload. Or click the upload button. When uploading an image, you may see the phrase ‘Drop the file here to upload it directly to the following folder’.


      Text extraction process

      Convert to Google Docs

      Link to Google Docs

      If you right-click the image, select Google Docs in the ‘Connected Apps’ tab.

      Converting image


      The process of converting an image into text. Not a lot of time, but it does take some time. This process will extract the text from the image.


      View OCR Results

      Text extraction result

      Text Extract OCR Results

      The result of setting up the Google Docs connection app is as above. You can see the image above and the textualized text below. It looks like the text in the image has been extracted correctly without any errors.


      Character Recognition Algorithm What is OCR?

      OCR is an abbreviation of Optical Character Recognition. It is a technology that scans in the form of an image, analyzes the data content, and then separates it into a picture and text area. It is automatically provided in text form so that it can be edited and edited like in a general text editor.

      Is it possible to extract image text without a program?

      yes it is possible You can extract text from images through the Google Drive Connection App > Google Docs function. The accuracy is very high, and the advantage is that it can be used on desktop without mobile.

      Recommended OCR program to extract text by taking pictures

      I mainly use the OCR app using the app. I use 'Text Scanner OCR' a lot. It has the advantage of being able to convert it to text immediately after shooting it on mobile.


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