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The most common way to download YouTube videos is to use Altoolbar. Not only does it have the advantage of being simple, but it also has the advantage of being able to own the video with one click. Previously, I used the method of viewing the capture as a video. Today, it is a new advantage in that you can directly extract the video. Unlike the capture function, being able to receive videos at once is very convenient, right? You can extract Altulva YouTube videos by using this embed.


      Altulva Characteristics

      AL Toolbar main features

      Altulva main features

      The main functions of Altulba can be seen as above. There are shopping cart function, memo function, quick search and mouse action, favorite and capture function, dictionary function and anti-phishing function. And it also provides internet booster function.


      How to extract altoolba image

      Using the Toolbar

      Using Toolbar Functions

      You can download the video using altoolbar. You can extract the video by clicking the download icon at the top right of the running video. When the download starts from the webpage, you can see it in the download manager.

      Embedding using the menu

      Embedding function using the menu

      If you press the [Capture] icon on the AL Toolbar, there are unit area, total area, direct designation, original save, and video embed functions as above. Here, you can use Ctrl + Alt +1 as a shortcut for the video embed function.


      View download manager

      video manager

      Using Video Download Manager

      When you download a video from a webpage, you can check it with the video download manager. After specifying the storage path, selecting search conditions, and downloading the video.


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