Advantages and usage of Google Chrome download file installation

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service introduction

Chrome is the browser I tell people who are looking for a web browser to give it a try. It is not only reliable as it is a program provided by Google, but if you download Google Chrome, you will know that it is very light.

developerGoogle inc.
operating systemWindows7 / Windows10 / MacOS / Linux
main functionAbility to change personalized Internet preferences. Address bar search function provided. Password protection and leakage warning function. Device Chrome sync. Dark mode available. Provides documents, spreadsheets, and PPT programs to improve productivity. Offers curated content viewers.
download google chrome
download google chrome

Program application information

chrom It’s good because it’s an improved program that not only supports html5, but also automatically updates to the latest version of chrome. Many people are using it because it is good for those who are developing and users do not have to consider cross-browsing. For those who want to delete chrome, I would like to inform you that there is an extension program.

quick search google chrome
quick search google chrome

After installing Google Chrome, if you look at Extensions in the Preferences section on the right, you can install various additional programs such as add-ons, so you can use it more usefully.

smart internet chrome
smart internet chrome
Make Your Own Chrome
Make Your Own Chrome

Please see that you can use the same environment on your mobile phone through the Google Chrome login function.


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