Malcom program advanced double monitor screen split method

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service introduction

There are times when you need to secretly use a PC, and office workers are advised to try the Malcom program. Previously, I used a shock 4 way to make a double monitor. Another split program came out and I downloaded it and tried it.

developerDualless inc.
operating systemWindows7 / Windows10 / MacOS / Linux
fileChromeExtension / 656KB
main functionEasily split and separate tabs, split the interface layout, and resize tabs based on columns and rows. Multi-monitor support. Ability to split browser window in two with two clicks. Window scaling and maximized performance when you need to work through Google Meet/Zoom.
How to use split screen
How to use split screen

Program application information

In the case of monitor division, the advantage is that it can be divided into 2, 3, 4, etc. in various ways. If you are using a double monitor, I think the monitor splitting program will be more meaningful. It shows good performance enough to say that it is an advanced double monitor download. How to use advanced double monitor As you can see, you can set the number of channels you want and do a double monitor Malcom.

split screen chrome extension
split screen chrome extension

In the case of a split screen monitor, it seems to be optimized for splitting the monitor screen. It has the advantage of being able to select directly from the desktop.

split display screen
split display screen

You can easily split and separate tabs as well as split interface layout. You can also resize tabs by column and row. With an extension, you can split your browser window into two with a click. I would like to introduce this Malcom program to all those who work.

Set the split screen feature
Set the split screen feature


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