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You can use the PC Cafe program on your home computer. W10 and XWall programs provided for personal use are PC room launcher programs provided by Wico. The advantage of the launcher program is that it is well managed on the computer desktop, so it is convenient to use. After installing the PC room program on your computer, you can collect frequently used games, documents, or office icons. The launcher program allows you to easily configure speaker and headset settings or video settings, and you can also select a theme. You can optimize games such as PUBG, and you can easily use various functions such as Windows memory optimization, historical search, and ping optimization.


      How to install the program

      Create PC cafe

      Install the launcher program Wico W10

      If you select the W10 version, which is the latest version in Wico, you will see a screen like the one above. To build a PC room, you need to select a general/no-hard PC room program or download a personal program.


      program interface

      W10 Launcher Icon

      W10 launcher icon screen

      The default screen is as above. The left side is the local file and folder screen, and the right side is the connected server file and folder screen. You can see that it is a commonly used form of FTP because it is optimized for sending and receiving files. If you want to upload, double-click or press the upload button. You can check the transmission status below.

      XWall personal interface

      XWall Launcher Theme Screen

      The new XWall is divided into PC rooms and personal use. If installed for personal use, it will show you an interface where you can select and optimize the launcher theme, ping optimization and also a background controller.


      How to use the launcher program

      Launcher Preferences Login

      How to configure login preferences

      You can set the environment by right-clicking the ‘W’ icon in the tray icon (bottom right) area and pressing the Preferences button. The initial password is 0000 or IP address. You can check the IP address via CMD > Ipconfig.

      game optimization

      PC room launcher game optimization

      You can optimize Windows memory or set the PUBG process to run first. Game optimization and voice chat programs such as Discord, Talk On, etc. are also immediately available with icons.

      W10 launcher icon set

      How to set W10 launcher icon

      When setting up the interface, you can set the icon. You can choose the icon name, launch path, URL, and launch browser. When you’re done, just click Save.



      XWall Launcher Theme Settings

      Set XWall launcher theme color and background

      You can set the XWall theme color. You can also set video, music video, and video window backgrounds. Since there is a launcher video background controller, you can choose home, shuffle, play, windowed mode, etc.

      LOL Total Search

      LOL Total Search

      You can automatically search for LOL records on a PC with W10 launcher installed. When you run the program, the historical search function is automatically launched. You can check the team’s stats on the left / the team’s in-game stats in the middle / detailed stats on the right.


      What is XWall PC room launcher program?

      XWall PC room launcher program allows you to select speaker and headset settings, video settings, and themes. You can optimize games such as PUBG, and you can easily use various functions such as Windows memory optimization, historical search, and ping optimization.

      Create a desktop PC cafe launcher

      If you install XWall or W10, a program provided by Wico, you can decorate your desktop like a PC Cafe.

      If the launcher does not run when booting

      When installing on Windows 7 and Windows 10, create a launcher restart.exe file on the desktop and register the launcher restart file in the startup program after installation.


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