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wico launcher
wico launcher
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developerWico inc.
operating systemWindows 7 / Windows 10
fileWicoinstall_W10alp.exe / 14.8MB
updateW10 / XWall
main functionPC room launcher program Windows memory optimization, Battleground optimization, LOL history search, official cafe or Facebook page link provided. Optimize ping for games and internet stabilization, and set the process to run first. Launcher theme color set icon set.

Editor’s review

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use the PCbang program on your home computer? If you visit the PC Cafe, you can see how well the computer desktop is managed. When the PC room program is installed on my computer, it has the advantage of being very convenient to use because it collects game icons. The reason why we choose Wico among various programs is that it provides a personal version unlike the ghetto pc room program. Gather frequently visited sites, games, programs, and utilities in one place. As an additional function, you can check the LOL history search, game official cafe and Facebook page, optimize ping for internet stabilization, and set the process to run first.


XWall Launcher Theme Settings
XWall Launcher Theme Settings
LOL Total Search
LOL Total Search
game optimization
game optimization

Key features and usage

In the case of Wico W10 version and XWall, a personal client is provided as a PC room launcher program. You can optimize Windows memory and optimize Battleground. You can change speaker, headset settings or video settings and theme. As an additional function, you can search for LOL records, check the official cafe or Facebook page.

How to install the program

Personal programs can use W10 and XWall. You can download and install the version you want. You can make detailed settings such as login settings, icon changes in the launcher, and pixel position movement based on the monitor.

function usage

The launcher theme color setting, window size adjustment, memory optimization, and historical search are located at the top of the launcher. The official cafe, optimization execution, and video background settings are located in the middle of the launcher. Fastping and video background controllers for internet optimization are located at the bottom of the launcher.


How about Wico as a Windows 10 pc room launcher?

Wico is good for personal use of programs for PC Cafe. It not only collects icons for games, documents, office, etc., but also provides internet stabilization services for game optimization.

How to use XWall pc room launcher

XWall Personal Theme is easy to use because it has a good visual expression for user convenience. For detailed usage, please refer to detailed usage.

Make a computer PC room computer

If you install W10 or XWall program, you can make your home computer a PC room environment. Specifications are another matter, but a well-maintained PC can be quite pleasant to use.

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