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Too Many Places Download
Too Many Places Download
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developerMynimi inc.
operating systemWindows7 / Windows 10
fileExtract_NimiPlaces(Portable).exe / 335KB
main functionQuick memo function. Image and video thumbnails and media preview capabilities. Image viewer function and crop function. Labeling and quick navigation. Relative path support and optimized grid alignment. Provides file or folder custom rule setting function.

Editor’s review

There are several programs for cleaning the desktop. In general, not only tidying up but also increasing work efficiency, many people are purchasing paid versions of programs like Fences. The advantage of NimiPlaces is that it is very light because it provides a portable version as a free version. Not only can you increase work efficiency by making thumbnails of the collected folders, but it also provides a relative path, so you can access it from anywhere. Please try optimizing icon sorting by setting custom sorting rules.


Examples of classification by group
Examples of classification by group
Rename items
Rename items
Nimi Places Portable Version
Nimi Places Portable Version

Main features and usage

As a program to increase work efficiency, it provides a memo function that can be entered easily and quickly at any time. Also, thumbnails of images and videos in folders let you know the files without having to import them directly. It’s good to use the media preview function properly and well. Also, try using the image viewer function and cropping function, labeling and quick navigation functions. It provides an optimized grid arrangement function that can be tailored to individual computers, and provides the ability to set custom rules for files or folders.

How to install the program

NimiPlace can be used portable regardless of Windows 7 / Windows 10, so if you need to organize desktop icons, please take this opportunity to increase work efficiency. You can get the latest version from the Mynimi page, as well as see installation and how-to posts in Resources.

How to use the function

You can set folders as if they were classified, and set custom rules. Right-click on the icon to open the context menu. Click the + button at the bottom left of the window and add files and folders. If you want to use only general functions, try using the program through quick settings.


Is NimiPlace free?

Yes. Programs like Fences have a paid version, but NimiPlaces offers a portable version as a free version, so it has the advantage of being very light.

How to Uninstall NimiPlace

The portable version is not the version to be installed. If you delete the unzipped folder, it will be completely removed.

Organize desktop icons How to use NimiPlace

Right-click on the icon to open the context menu. Click the + button at the bottom left of the window and try adding files and folders. Also, set a name for each group, and set the program usage time and icon location to improve work efficiency.


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