Winscp Portable Language Pack FTP Download

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developerWinSCP inc.
operating systemWindows 7 / Windows 10
fileWinSCP-5.19.3 / 11.3MB
updateWinSCP 5.19.3
main functionA client program that can send and receive files using Windows-based VFTP, SFTP, FTP, and SSH protocols. An open source that can be used if you have a lot of file transfers between your Linux server and your local PC. Dark mode function

Editor’s review

Many people are running the server, and it is an open source program that helps upload and download files during operation. Also, the choice of VFTP, SFTP, SSH, etc. is an important issue for those connecting to the server. Various language packs are available, including Winscp Korean and English versions. It is used almost as often as putty, and it has Filezilla’s feature that allows you to use SFTP FTP programs for free. If you try to use it with the easy Winscp installation, you can use it by connecting it very simply.

As a function, you can change the name of a folder or change file properties, as well as basic functions such as download and upload. Also, if you set it through the sync function after logging in, it will follow you every time you move, and it will be easy to upload and download. And not only can you edit the text, you can even change the font color, and you can even use a batch file script. One of the updated features is to reduce eye strain because it supports dark mode.


install winscp
install winscp
winscp version list
winscp version list
winscp language pack
winscp language pack

Key features and usage

As a basic function, it is possible to send and receive files using Windows-based VFTP, SFTP, FTP, and SSH protocols. Supports file encryption function and TLS/SSL certificate SHA-256 security. Script actions enable automation functions and port forwarding. Timestamp conversion function and directory caching are available. UX/UI design tailored to user convenience. Displays a complete list of files that are part of the transfer queue and background transfers. Various language packs are provided, and it is good to use when there are many file transfers between a Linux server and a local PC, and provides open source. Dark mode is provided as an additional feature.

How to install the program

After downloading the installation package suitable for your environment, you can select the language pack that suits you. If it is not possible to select a language, please select English and install additional packages. After selecting the typical installation, you need to select the interface. You can select Commader mode and Explorer mode from the initial user settings menu.

function usage

After installing the program, on the first start screen, log in settings > select protocol > select host name and port > enter user name and password to complete login settings and connect to the server before use. Installation and detailed instructions can be found in the following article.


How to Download Winscp Portable

Winscp is officially providing a portable version and .NET and source code. In the case of the portable version, it is a non-installed version that does not install the program, and is available in a capacity of 8.7 MB.

Is it Winscp, a free server access program?

Yes. Winscp is an open source program that is provided free of charge to users. In addition to using a user-friendly design, it is equipped with various language packs and encryption functions.

Which is better, Winscp or Putty?

Putty only SSH communication, Winscp can use SSH, VFTP, SFTP, etc. If you need FTP function along with SSH function, we recommend using Winscp.

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