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Garage Band Service Introduction

GarageBand is a recording studio editing program that can be used not only on the iPhone but also on the iPad. With your phone, you can make music anywhere. You can make music easily and fun like a DJ, and with the Multi-Touch function, you can create beats while playing the keyboard or guitar. Even users who have never played before can immediately play like a pro, and create a variety of beats using 32 tracks. The music library also lets you download free instruments, loops and soundtracks from producers.

developerApple Distribution International
operating systemMacOS / iOS
fileGarageBand_iOS / 1.7GB
main functionLive Loops. Provides the ability to make music like a DJ. Use your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch like an instrument. Provides drummer function for iOS. You can play like a master of music through a smart instrument. Provides an environment to create songs from anywhere. Keep your songs up to date across all your devices via iCloud Drive.

Program application information

Live Loops feature

Garage Band’s Live Loops feature, DJ-like music making, is loved by many. You can tap and trigger a Live Loop cell or group of cells. This means you can create your own custom environment. You can start with an Apple-designed template, as well as create your own grid. Create your own loops by recording directly to cells via Touch Instrument. This feature allows Remix FX to perform with a variety of popular DJ style effects. Finally, if you tap Record, you can directly record your Live Loop performance.

Ringtone Maker Features
Ringtone Maker Features

Treat your Apple device like an instrument

Any Apple device you have can be an instrument. If you want to use your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch as an instrument, you can play the instrument with the Multi-Touch keyboard. You can try playing music with friends and family, or you can use the Alchemy Touch instrument to play and record. You can also use the beat sequencer to create grooves inspired by classical, electronic drum machines, and more. If you can’t find the sounds you want, you can download free instruments, loops, and sound packs for GarageBand from your music library. Accurately capturing sound allows you to apply even studio-quality effects. It’s also great for recreating a variety of guitar and bass sounds, such as using virtual amps.

GarageBand Piano
GarageBand Piano

Equalizer and Mix function

Record, arrange, and mix songs up to 32 tracks using one of Garage Band’s features: Touch Instruments, Audio Recording, and Loops. 32 tracks that can be used simultaneously can be used with professional mixing effects such as visual EQ, beat crusher and overdrive to maximize their effectiveness. Please take the lead and set the equalizer along with realistic performance. In addition, the built-in notepad provides a convenient way to add comments or lyrics ideas for songs.

GarageBand Editing
GarageBand Editing


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