How to Listen to Naver English News News Interpretation in English for Youth

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I was able to learn a lot of English from a young age. To help, I read the Korea Herald a lot. As a children’s English newspaper, it felt a little difficult, but it is true that it was of great help. As many of you will know, I will show you an easy way to access English newspapers. You can listen to English news using the English news service provided by Naver News and the Junior Herald English newspaper.


      news in our daily life

      Listen to newspapers in English

      Access Naver News

      That’s just using Naver’s English newspaper. If you do not know Naver English news, please pay attention. You probably know that learning English through listening is helpful because it is perfect for learning English, which is essentially a second language.


      How to listen to the news in English

      Harold Korea English

      Listen to Korea Harold News

      This is because it is characterized by being able to see a variety of vocabulary, which is the strength of English newspapers. I am now introducing free children’s English newspapers to children. You can view leading articles, including national and international news, people articles, entertainment news, and art, theater, and publication news related to culture. You can also view health, fashion, travel photography articles and science articles, sports articles, columns and more that fit your lifestyle.

      Listen to Junior Herald English

      Listen to Junior Harold English

      The Junior Herald is a high-quality English newspaper produced by former foreign correspondents such as the Korea Herald and Reuters AP. It is very popular because it pursues the fun of studying and English for teenagers who are the dreamers of the future. In the case of Jr. Harold, it is rather popular with adults.


      Children’s English Newspaper Site

      Junior Herald English newspaper

      Junior Herald English newspaper

      If you’re looking for a children’s English newspaper site, wouldn’t it be better to have an English newspaper that you can listen to? I think it’s good to give recommendations to children who have just finished early childhood English in a way that doesn’t naturally feel repulsive.

      entertainment news

      Including sports and broadcasting news

      You can hear not only current political and economic news, but also singers and celebrities. Get the news of your favorite idols in English.


      Learning tips with English news

      How to learn English in the Junior Herald

      How The Junior Herald Offers

      The Junior Herald provides English learning methods that can be learned using its own English news articles. First, check the cover article > Browse the table of contents > Read the articles of interest first > Listen to the voice and check the translated articles > JENIE deep learning > Create your own vocabulary > Scrap articles of interest > Collect additional information > Create your own scrapbook. We recommend that you study in order.


      How to listen to English news site

      There are several services that allow you to view and listen to English news. The contents introduced in the contents are Naver English Newspaper and Junior Herald.

      English news study effect

      Those of you who have studied English through English news will know, but it can be quite difficult at first because you are listening to English used in real life right away. This is because it is not easy to keep up with the fast speed and meaning of expression. If you start with content for teenagers, such as the Junior Herald introduced in this article, you can quickly see the effect of learning English.

      How to learn to use English news newspapers

      In the Junior Herald 1. Check the cover article 2. Browse the table of contents 3. Read the articles of interest first 4. Listen to the voice and check the translated article 5. JENIE Deep Learning 6. Create your own vocabulary 7. Interested article scrap 8. Gather more information 9 Create your own scrapbook. We recommend that you study in order.


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