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developerSeerslab inc.
operating systemAndroid / iOS
fileIt depends on the device
updateIt depends on the device
main functionIt is a selfie video app that you can enjoy every day, and it is a pretty selfie video app. Provides automatic post-correction function and video animation and cinematic effect service. Providing moving pictures and novel cinemagraph production services through the cinemagraph function. Provides more than 30 video filters and various social sharing functions

Editor’s review

Many people have now started shooting and editing videos. Lollicam filter calibration sticker is easy to use, so I use it a lot. Another advantage is that you can save lolicam videos and send funny gifs to your friends. Wouldn’t it be better if you send the video after taking the video with the highest quality? Random sticker selection and two-tap camera switching are convenient and fun. Not only is it optimized to pass time, but also decorate the video with various updated functions.


Lollicam function
Lollicam function
lolicam filter
lolicam filter
Lollicam Beauty Mode
Lollicam Beauty Mode

Key features and usage

Lollicam is a video editing app that allows you to change videos in a fun way, and provides a personal service. It’s a pretty video app that lets you take fun selfies with over 300 animated stickers. You can edit videos at 2x speed, 4x speed, 6x speed. Not only does it automatically recognize faces, but it also allows you to create interesting cinematic effects without face correction. Because it’s an automatic full correction, you can even set the video filter with a single tap. It’s easy and fun to use because you can control the speed or shoot silently, isn’t it? You can use it by shooting a video directly or by importing it.

How to install the program

You can use it after downloading it for each device. For Android, you can use the Google play service, and for Apple devices, you can use the iOS App Store service.

function usage

A common way to use it is to attach a sticker or apply a filter after shooting a video yourself. You can create animated GIF files by selecting the settings and shooting method before shooting. In addition, you can create an attractive video through the animation function that is automatically created continuously. Geosticker mode allows you to find and collect stickers that only appear in certain places. You can feel the fun of collecting special stickers again.


What is lolicam?

It is an app that allows you to shoot and edit videos. You can decorate the video with various stickers or filters. Cinemagraphs and geo-stickers are one of Lollicam's unique features.

What is lolicam geo-sticker?

Lollicam Geo Stickers are special stickers that appear only in certain places. Collect stickers that can only be obtained from designated places and use them for videos and photos.

How to get a good cam?

When shooting, environmental settings are very important. The first option is to use sunlight, which is natural light. After avoiding backlight, you can feel pretty good just by using Lolicam's automatic beauty mode and filters.

Lolicam filter recommendation

There are quite a lot of filters on Lolicam to snipe your taste. We recommend that you try a new filter because it is added with every update. Also, when using stickers, if you don't have the stickers you want, try using the stickers you made yourself through the lollipen function to take a fun selfie video.

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